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Fruits & Roots is a 100% plant-based and organic juice and smoothie bar located in Greensburg, PA. We have a passion for whole foods, health and wellness, and sustainability with the goal and purpose to share that passion with the community. 

we stand by

sourcing locally

We source locally with community farmers and suppliers to provide the freshest fruits, vegetables, and superfoods possible.

environmental awareness

We care about our planet! We bottle our juices in glass and all of our packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable.

using organic 

We want what we are serving to not only taste good, but make you and your body feel good as well. We use 100% organic ingredients in everything we make. 

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


Food Is Healing

We believe food is powerful. Every time we eat is an opportunity to promote health and wellness and nourish our bodies. So much of today's "food" is highly processed and filled with artificial ingredients. At Fruits & Roots we keep it simple! Nothing artificial. No ingredients that you can't pronounce. Only REAL food that nourishes your cells and fuels your body.

Why Cold Pressed?

Not all juicing techniques are created equal. 

A lot of juice claims to be cold pressed, but unless it is made using an actual press, then it isn't COLD PRESSED! At Fruits & Roots, we use a commercial cold pressed juicer by Goodnature, the leader in the industry. This two-step process consists of grinding the produce then dropping it into the press for squeezing.

Juicers that utilize centrifugal speed, or generate heat and friction, or force the produce against a sharp screen, all result in an inferior product. When truly cold pressed, the integrity of the juice is protected, resulting in a longer shelf life, less separation, and a clean, smooth flavor. A difference that you can truly see and taste!

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