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Our smoothies are blended to order. We do not use any added sugars, water, fruit syrups or purees. Our smoothies are made with only organic fruits, vegetables, and superfoods.

Nutty Green

banana. blueberries. spinach. hemp seeds. peanut butter. almond mylk.

Mixed Berry

berries. banana. acai. chia seeds. maple syrup. almond mylk.

Cafe Cooler

cold brew coffee. banana. date. maca. cacao.

Strawberry Banana

strawberry. banana. date. pumpkin seeds. almond mylk.

Blue Wave

mango. pineapple. banana. blue majik. coconut mylk.

Pink Flamingo

strawberry. pineapple. banana. pitaya. coconut mylk.

Banana Bread

banana. oats. dates. chia seeds. cinnamon. almond butter. almond mylk.

Power Green

spinach. kale. mango. pineapple. ginger. flax seeds. coconut mylk.

Golden Glow

mango. banana. turmeric. cinnamon. maple syrup. almond mylk.

Chocolate Cherry

cherries. banana. date. spinach. cacao. cinnamon. almond mylk.

Tropical C

pineapple. mango. strawberry. orange. camu camu. goji berries. coconut mylk.

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