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Snacks and more

We offer a variety of  plant-based, organic and gluten free snacks that we make in house or source locally. 

Granola Bars

house-made granola bars. Taos Bars. Plant Based protein bars.

Boxed Water

reducing plastic use. A tree is planted every time you post a picture of your boxed water.

Cardinal Coffee Beans

local roaster from Jeanette, PA

Housemade Muffins

gluten free options available. variations of muffins baked daily.

12oz. bag of house-made, gluten-free granola 

bags packaged daily.

Assorted Hummus

dessert hummus served with cinnamon pretzels.

Keystone Cultures Sea Moss

assorted flavors of sea moss locally sourced from Keystone Cultures.

Keystone Cultures Kombucha

assorted flavors of Kombucha locally sourced from Keystone Cultures.

Uncle John's Raw Honey

1lb and 2lb jars sourced locally

Healthy Truth Bagged Snacks

assorted nuts and superfood snacks

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